Retaining Wall Accessories

Perfectly coordinate your steps, caps and columns to match in with your retaining wall and freestanding wall projects for a truly polished, high-calibre finish.

Redi-Rock Walling Accessories, Cap Off Your Project

Redi-Rock retaining wall accessories coordinate with all Redi-Rock retaining walls and freestanding walls, including both gravity walls and reinforced wall systems. Walling accessories, including the Redi-Rock column block and step/cap block are extremely versatile. Each block’s texture connects seamlessly with the next.

Top off your wall with the Magic block to create a barrier or fencing system that can be integrated right into the wall for extra strength. Redi-rock offers design and analysis software that enables engineers customise wall layouts digitally, using the Redi-Rock products, to plan the best fit wall layout with the right products prior to construction on each unique project.

Rei-Rock wall columns


Redi-Rock column blocks offer a smooth finish along the top of retaining and freestanding walls, or provide support to fences, barriers, gates, and signposts.

Redi-Rock steps


Redi-Rock steps are flat, well-designed step blocks combining the appearance of natural stone with additional safety and durability.

Redi-Rock stone caps


Redi-Rock cap blocks pair with Redi-Rock column blocks, retaining wall blocks, and freestanding wall blocks to give a clean finish, create additional seating in public areas, and protect walls from weathering.

Redi-Rock magic blocks

Magic Block

Redi-Rock Magic Blocks offer a hassle-free solution for integrating an additional fence or barrier across the top of a Redi-Rock wall. Magic Blocks are placed across the length of the wall to enable efficient fence installation without the need for any drilling to install posts.


Our column block comes in ledgestone and cobblestone textures.


Retaining wall accessories offer efficient, decorative, and functional wall solutions for landscaping, terraforming, commercial construction, civil project works, and more. Redi-Rock retaining wall accessories like column blocks are so versatile because they can be custom-designed to your project requirements.

Buy Redi-Rock retaining wall accessory blocks across NSW, QLD, SA, NT, TAS, & WA

Cobblestone pillars between wooden fencing

Redi-Rock retaining wall accessory uses

Redi-Rock retaining wall accessories are both necessary and versatile in every industry from landscaping to urban development. Retaining wall accessories can integrate with retaining walls and freestanding walls of any type, or work with other materials.

Some uses for retaining wall accessories include:

  • ​Designing small or large curve staircases
  • Creating signs and gates
  • Adding a seat wall
  • Capping retaining walls or freestanfing walls
  • Using columns for fencing

We supply Redi-Rock retaining wall accessories for sale across NSW, QLD, SA, NT, TAS, & WA. Find out what retaining wall caps, steps, and column blocks can do for your project today.

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