Gravity Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls are an easy-to-install, well designed, effective tool in landscaping and terraforming. They do not require reinforcement, but rather can retain material through their weight and gravity alone.

Ledgestone gravity wall

Gravity Retaining Walls,

Because Size Matters...

Redi-Rock gravity retaining wall blocks are like one-tonne wetcast concrete lego bricks that interlock to create retaining walls on projects from residential builds to commercial and urban land developments. The blocks come in widths of 71cm, 103cm, and 152cm, providing great versatility. Because gravity walls rely on their mass to hold back material, they do not need reinforcement to build tall. These gravity retaining walls also provide a solid base for building a freestanding wall or fencing to sit directly atop.

Redi-Rock Texture Range

Redi-Rock walls come in a wide range of well designed textures, including ledgestone, cobblestone, limestone, and Kingstone Brick. Each gravity wall block’s design connects seamlessly and aesthetically with the next. Redi-rock offers easy-to-use software for designing customised gravity retaining walls using Redi-Rock textures to ensure your Redi-Rock walls are a perfect fit for your project needs.


Redi-Rock ledgestone designs for our gravity retaining walls offer a textured, browned rock design that can blend well with natural environments. Redi-Rock NSW also supplies ledgestone blocks in a range of colours that can give an urban environment some pop.


Cobblestone gravity retaining walls from Redi-Rock offer a practical, structured design that pairs well with urban environments like carparks or tiled squares. Redi-Rock's cobblestone design is attractive outside heritage buildings, office blocks, and more.


Gravity retaining walls with a limestone design provides a lighter grey than cobblestone blocks, with a more textured surface.

Kingstone Brick

The Redi-Rock Kingstone Brick gravity retaining wall design gives a gentle pink-brown sandstone colour and rough-hewn texture suitable for a wide range of projects.

Precast Concrete Masonry Retaining Wall Systems for Every Application

Gravity walls are an efficient retaining wall solution for civil, commercial and residential construction industries. Redi-Rock retaining walls are so versatile because they can be custom-designed to project requirements, built as high or low as needed, and are available in multiple designs to suit a range of aesthetics.


This classic retaining wall block is where it all began - starting the retaining wall block revolution back in 2000 with its ability to integrate with the entire family of Redi-Rock blocks. Using standard Redi-Rock blocks alone, or in conjunction with other blocks, will both provide a seamless and structurally-sound solution for your next project.

Redi-Rock standard wall blocks


Building taller gravity retaining walls in tighter spaces with less concrete is no longer an impossible task with Redi-Rock XL hollow core retaining wall blocks. Redi-Rock XL extends the reach of the most comprehensive retaining wall system on the market, with individual block heights of 91cm, and reaches of nearly eight metres.

Redi-Rock XL blocks

Buy Redi-Rock gravity retaining wall blocks across NSW, QLD, SA, WA, NT, and TAS for a world class landscaping solution.

Redi-Rock Gravity Retaining Wall Applications

Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls are both necessary and versatile in a range of industries from civil works to land conservation.

Residential Development

Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls aid in residential development projects such as subdivisions, townhouse developments, walls between domestic buildings, and residential landscaping projects including terraces, terraforming, and more.

Councils & government

Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls can be used in civil works across local council areas and municipality areas as reliable, quality terraforming solutions.

Waterway applications

Some water challenges that Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls can help to mitigate include separating sea and shoreline, building dams, and preventing erosion.

Railway retaining wall

Railway companies can use retaining walls when building railway track in a valley or ditch to reduce the danger of material falling onto the track, among other applications.

Bridges & highways

Where sections of highway lie below a hill or cliff, or in a valley or ditch, gravity retaining walls can prevent material from landing atop the highway.

Commercial development

Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls enable builders to construct houses, buildings and other structures on cliffs, shorelines, and other areas vulnerable to erosion.

We supply Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls for sale across NSW, QLD, SA, WA, NT, and TAS. Find out what a gravity retaining wall can do for your project today.

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