Freestanding Walls

Redi-Rock freestanding, pre-cast walls are an easy-to-install, solid, well-designed product for landscaping and construction projects. Their high-quality appearance and superior performance make them the number one choice for leaving a lasting impression.

Freestanding garden wall

Freestanding Walls, Stand Out on Their Own

Capable of coordinating with a retaining wall or standing on their own - Redi-Rock’s pre-cast walls offer a solid, double-textured outer layer and a hollow core – enabling fencing to be built across the top of the wall without any core drilling required.

These pre-cast walls can also create cantilever walls to form a retaining wall capable of withstanding pressure without any additional supports.


When you're looking to polish off a wall, create a barrier, or even just a place for people to park themselves, freestanding blocks are where it's at. As extension of the Redi-Rock system or a standalone use, these suckers aren't going anywhere!

Redi-Rock standard block


For its pull a rabbit out of a hat potential, we've dubbed this the Magic block! The Redi-Rock freestanding hollow-core block can be used for attaching a fence to the top of a wall without core drilling, creating cantilever walls, and building superior walls in water applications.

Redi-Rock hollow core block

Redi-Rock Textures

Redi-Rock freestanding pre-cast walls come in a range of well designed natural stone inspired options including ledgestone, cobblestone, limestone, and Kingstone Brick. Each freestanding pre-cast wall block’s texture connects seamlessly with the next. Redi-rock offers software for engineers to design freestanding pre-cast walls with any of the four available textures - ensuring the product and design used on each unique customer project can be customised to become the best option for each project’s needs.


Redi-Rock's ledgestone design for our freestanding pre-cast walls, made in a mould of natural ledgestone, and with great attention to detail.



Cobblestone free-standing pre-cast walls from Redi-Rock offer a stacked-stone aesthetic, with each block featuring the appearance of six smaller blocks for smaller-scale projects.



Freestanding pre-cast walls with a limestone design provides two square meters of non-repeating texture that mimics quarried stone.

Kingstone Brick

The Redi-Rock Kingstone Brick freestanding pre-cast wall gives a naturally weathered appearance and rough hewn surface in a sandstone colour for a versatile and high quality appearance.

We supply Redi-Rock freestanding pre-cast walls for sale across NSW, QLD, SA, NT, TAS, & WA. Find out what a freestanding wall can do for your project today.

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